How ShiftX helps Inselo close sales faster with quicker client understanding

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Inselo CTO Amund Nygaard

The first thing Inselo do working with new clients is to facilitate a process workshop. By doing so in ShiftX, they've reached a common understanding with their clients quicker, reduced workshop duration by about 70 percent, and closed sales at a faster pace.

Inselo use the Norwegian startup software ShiftX. According to CTO Amund Nygaard and the rest of the Inselo team they've reached a common understanding with their clients quicker, reduced workshop duration by about 70 percent, and closed sales at a faster pace.

Inselo delivers customer service, installation, and logistics for some of Scandinavia's biggest companies. They are serving their clients optimal customer journeys.

To do that, they need to understand their client's systems, departments, and needs as fast as possible. And to do that, they use ShiftX.

Smooth handover between organizations

CTO and Solution Architect at Inselo, Amund Nygaard, is trying to get an "as good as possible" picture of their client's situation when starting up a new customer relationship.

– I'm trying to combine the needs of our operations, our client's operations, and also often IT on both sides. Then handovers between the organizations are the complicated part, which is why we really need tools to understand each other and communicate our needs, Amund says.

Inselo work with some of Scandinavia's biggest brands in their categories, like Telenor, Telia, NextGenTel, Altibox, RiksTV, PayPal, Jula, Elkjøp, Power, and Clas Ohlson.

– In general, we find one hour spent in ShiftX with our clients equals three "normal" meeting hours, Amund says.

Close sales quicker

He also sees a quicker close-rate on sales when they and the clients reach a shared common understanding faster.

– The first workshops with our new clients are important to explore the current status and the areas where we at Inselo can help out. But ShiftX also helps us close sales of the "simple" processes quicker, Amund says.

He thinks it's because mapping the processes together leaves less uncertainty between them and the clients, which means they often reach an agreement with their clients immediately after the process is mapped out in ShiftX.

– Everyone knows what they need, there's no uncertainty, and they're ready to sign a contract, Amund says.

Facilitate remote workshops

When the pandemic hit in 2020, Amund really needed a tool that could let him continue facilitating the workshops he'd been having physically with his new clients.

– ShiftX was a real lifesaver for me when corona hit because I really needed a tool that could help me and our clients map out and understand our shared processes, Amund says.

With everyone working remotely, he could keep facilitating the workshops.

– The workshops were even working better digitally than physically, as we could easily make changes live in the workshops. That meant I got no post-workshop work to do, I could just share the process right after the meeting. When the workshop was done, I could go straight to the next meeting, Nygaard says.

ShiftX for continuous improvement

When the current situation is mapped and structured in ShiftX, Inselo and their clients iterate and continuously improve their collaboration by looking for ways of optimizing the processes they've got going.

– We call it learning loops, Amund says.

It's about not only fixing the immediate challenges, but also taking the time to look into the root cause of non-optimal touchpoints in the customer journeys.

– Too often we fix the immediate problem, and not the root cause. By fixing the immediate problem, but also creating an issue in the ShiftX process, we don't lose track of things that might need addressing (when we've got the time). Then we hold meetings to look at the overall process and prioritize and often fix multiple root causes at once, Nygaard says.

Moved from Visio to ShiftX

Of things Amund appreciates the most with ShiftX, it's being able to communicate and onboard people no matter if they're from IT, sales, operations, or something else.

– Previously I created big Visio drawings by myself. When I added the technical details, I always lost some of the operation people or some of the salespeople. In ShiftX I can just share the process and almost all of them understand the processes immediately, Amund says.

Happy clients

And by working the way they do, Inselo has got a lot of positive feedback from their clients.

– We constantly measure our customer satisfaction, and the last time we checked we had a score of 9,2 out of 10, Amund says.

Inselo är din partner som brinner för de optimala kundresorna. Vi levererar lösningar inom logistik, installation och kundservice, både för stora och små företag i hela Skandinavien.



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